fukushima 1

The final result is a powerful short film that will grip you.

fukushima 2

The aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011 is still being felt over five years later. There have been a number of photographs and videos dedicated to capturing the aftermath of the destruction, but this collaboration between Rebecca Lilith Bathory and Chris Lavelle is a poignant work dedicated to the nuclear exclusion zone.

This joint piece bursts with emotion thanks to the addition of Chris Lavelle’s projection mapping techniques to gorgeously captured still photos. These photos and video might be hard to look at, but they remind us of the very real and tangible effects of the the disaster that linger five years on.

This seems to be only the beginning of the partnership between the two, as the video promises more to come. We’re sure whatever they’re working on will be equally affecting.

Source: UFUNK
Images: vimeo/chris lavelle