A pre-opening look at the new US$2 billion expansion, including the rides and yes — Disney food!

On 6 June, Tokyo DisneySea will open the doors to its long-awaited Fantasy Springs port, where visitors will be able to step into the movie worlds of Frozen, Tangled, and Peter Pan.

The three new worlds, named Frozen Kingdom, Rapunzel’s Forest, and Peter Pan’s Neverland, were built at a cost of 320 billion yen (US$2 billion), and they promise to deliver new experiences that are exclusive to Japan, as Fantasy Springs can’t be found at any other Disney Resort in the world.

At a recent press event, we were able to explore all the new areas, and even get a taste of the food that awaits visitors, so join us today as we start our exploration with a sneak peek at the smallest of the three worlds at Fantasy Springs, Rapunzel’s Forest.

The first place you’ll want to head to in this area is Rapunzel’s Lantern Festival, a boat-based attraction similar to the Pirates of the Caribbean and It’s a Small World attractions.

▼ This ride has no height requirements, so even young children can enjoy it.

As more of a classic attraction than a modern one, the boat ride is smooth, taking visitors through some of the famous scenes from the movie in around five minutes.

▼ Don’t forget to look up to catch a glimpse of Rapunzel singing “When Will My Life Begin” from the tower!

Other songs from Tangled play as you glide past the beautiful displays, and by the end of the ride you’ll have the melody from “I See the Light” dancing around in your head!

While the ride is the star attraction in Rapunzel’s Forest, another highlight is the restaurant, called The Snuggly Duckling.

This restaurant will make you feel as if you’ve stepped into the tavern from the movie, and it’s huge, with seating for approximately 620 people. 

▼ The restaurant is amazing, and built with incredible attention to detail.

The Snuggly Duckling specialises in burgers, with two of the highly recommended items being the Duckling’s Dream Cheeseburger and the Fried Shrimp Burger, sold in sets with a side and a drink for 1,480 yen (US$9.52) each.

▼ Another hot menu item is the Sweet Ever After Dessert, served in a miniature frying pan!

The burgers are generously sized, making this a filling meal, and the duck yellow hue of the buns is a sight to see.

▼ The Fried Shrimp Burger

▼ The Duckling’s Dream Cheeseburger

Overall, Rapunzel’s Forest exudes an overwhelming sense of Disney quality and style, with the highlights being the voluminous meals and the gentle boat ride that people of all ages will enjoy.

Although it sits within a relatively compact area, Rapunzel’s Forest offers a beautiful escape from reality that’ll make you feel like you’ve stepped into the world of Tangled and experienced life from the fairytale character’s point of view. It’s a magical place that visitors will fall in love with, and the two other new areas are just as special so stay tuned for those reports coming soon!

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