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One choice tops the list by a wide margin.

We recently took a look at a list of traits Japanese men said would keep them from marrying a woman, even if they were willing to overlook them in a dating partner. Of course, romance is a two-way street, which means that women too have certain places where they draw the line when vetting potential spouses.

Women’s interest Internet portal Peachy asked 118 working women, between the ages of 22 and 34, for their thoughts on the matter. Specifically, they asked who they’d least like to marry: a guy who’s fat, a guy who’s bald, or a guy who’s cheap.

Let’s dive into the unflinchingly frank results.

3. Bald (selected by 7.6 percent of respondents)

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While Japan fashion and trends take hair-styling very seriously, out of the three options the survey participants were faced with, baldness proved to be the least objectionable by far. Women who made this their pick said that, in their opinion, a bald guy looks unattractive and old, but several others were more accepting, or at least resigned to, what they asserted is a result of genetics, not lifestyle or personality.

2. Fat (33.9 percent)

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While many of the respondents were understanding of hair-loss, they weren’t nearly as sympathetic regarding weight-gain. Not only is a slender build widely considered attractive in Japan, women who selected an overweight husband as the least desirable expressed concerns about such a man’s health and willpower.

1. Cheap (58.5 percent)

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The overwhelmingly most common response, though, was that the participants didn’t want to marry a man who’s stingy. Among those who gave this response, a common rationale was that baldness is a result of age or genetics, and obesity a function of lifestyle choices or limitations. However, cheapness, they argued, is a value set itself, and thus can become the root reason for a host of other inconveniencies, annoyances, and disputes.

Also contributing to cheapness’ number-one position is the complexity involved in trying to change that aspect of someone’s personality. After all, as some of the participants pointed out, there’s no toupee or fitness program that’ll convince a guy it’s OK to splurge for a fancy dinner on your anniversary.

Source: Peachy via Jin
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