“Final Fantasy” is one of the longest-running video game series of all time, with roots dating back to 1987.

final-fantasy-xvSquare Enix

The next entry in the fantasy role-playing franchise, “Final Fantasy XV” — you read that right, fifteen — is due out later this fall. From what we’ve seen so far, it looks like one of the most visually stunning games we’ve ever seen. If nothing else, it’s the most gorgeous any “Final Fantasy” game has ever been. Take a look.

“Final Fantasy XV” takes place in Eos, a beautiful world that mixes elements of sci-fi and fantasy.

final-fantasy-xv-takes-place-in-eos-a-beautiful-world-that-mixes-elements-of-sci-fi-and-fantasySquare Enix

You play as Noctis, who you can see here casually re-fueling his futuristic flying car.

you-play-as-noctis-who-you-can-see-here-casually-re-fueling-his-futuristic-flying-carSquare Enix

No, really. It can fly.

no-really-it-can-flySquare Enix

Noctis spends a lot time driving (and flying) around with his buddies, going on adventures and fighting monsters in the gorgeous world of Eos.

noctis-spends-a-lot-time-driving-and-flying-around-with-his-buddies-going-on-adventures-and-fighting-monsters-in-the-gorgeous-world-of-eosSquare Enix

Square Enix, the company that makes “Final Fantasy” games, provided gaming site IGN with detailed models of the game’s main cast, which we have re-produced below.

square-enix-the-company-that-makes-final-fantasy-games-provided-gaming-site-ign-with-detailed-models-of-the-games-main-cast-which-we-have-re-produced-belowSquare Enix

This is an up-close look at Noctis, our main hero. He’s the prince of the Kingdom of Lucis.

this-is-an-up-close-look-at-noctis-our-main-hero-hes-the-prince-of-the-kingdom-of-lucisSquare Enix

According to Art Director Yusuke Naora, the game accurately simulates “subcutaneous light penetration,” a fancy phrase that means light will appear to actually seep into the skin and illuminate it.

This is Luna, a powerful Oracle and one of Noctis’ childhood friends.

this-is-luna-a-powerful-oracle-and-one-of-noctis-childhood-friendsSquare Enix

According to Naora, “Her hairstyle was designed to look like something that would require the assistance of a handmaiden, to reflect her noble birth … we deliberately left some dispersion and variability at the tips of her hair to prevent her from appearing too formal and prim.”

Another of Noctis’ close friends is Gladio, whose “sultry gaze” was designed to add a more intellectual depth to a character that could easily be read as a dim-witted beefcake.

another-of-noctis-close-friends-is-gladio-whose-sultry-gaze-was-designed-to-add-a-more-intellectual-depth-to-a-character-that-could-easily-be-read-as-a-dim-witted-beefcakeSquare Enix

Ignis is another of Noctis’ pals, whose slender appearance and glasses intentionally give him a “smart and intellectual image.”

ignis-is-another-of-noctis-pals-whose-slender-appearance-and-glasses-intentionally-give-him-a-smart-and-intellectual-imageSquare Enix

In addition to his gray hair, the subtle textural changes in King Regis’ skin make his age more realistic and believable.

in-addition-to-his-gray-hair-the-subtle-textural-changes-in-king-regis-skin-make-his-age-more-realistic-and-believableSquare Enix

The final portrait given to IGN was that of Ardyn, a bureaucrat whose “aloof manner shrouds [him] in mystery.”

the-final-portrait-given-to-ign-was-that-of-ardyn-a-bureaucrat-whose-aloof-manner-shrouds-him-in-mysterySquare Enix

And if you’re wondering whether these characters will actually look this good when you’re playing the game itself…

and-if-youre-wondering-whether-these-characters-will-actually-look-this-good-when-youre-playing-the-game-itselfSquare Enix

The answer is basically, “Yes.” This is a screenshot of in-game footage.

the-answer-is-basically-yes-this-is-a-screenshot-of-in-game-footageSquare Enix

And so is this.

and-so-is-thisSquare Enix

In addition to fighting fearsome critters, you’ll be able to walk around more peaceful, populated areas that hum with activity.

in-addition-to-fighting-fearsome-critters-youll-be-able-to-walk-around-more-peaceful-populated-areas-that-hum-with-activitySquare Enix

But regardless of whether you’re fighting for your life or just trying to buy some new equipment, “Final Fantasy XV” looks like one of the most gorgeous games we’ve ever seen.

but-regardless-of-whether-youre-fighting-for-your-life-or-just-trying-to-buy-some-new-equipment-final-fantasy-xv-looks-like-one-of-the-most-gorgeous-games-weve-ever-seenSquare Enix

It will be available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 30. Just beware of whatever this thing is, please. (It’s called a Malboro, I’m just trying not to show off.)

it-will-be-available-for-playstation-4-and-xbox-one-on-september-30-just-beware-of-whatever-this-thing-is-please-its-called-a-malboro-im-just-trying-not-to-show-offSquare Enix