Pretty-in-pink panties and bras fall to more sophisticated hues.

Lingerie maker Triumph International Japan is always looking for bold new frontiers to explore, which has led to such innovations as a talking bra that gives its wearer a pep talk. But that doesn’t mean that the company overlooks simple yet critical aspects of fashion design, such as color.

Triumph also acknowledges that women’s lingerie is something that guys spend a lot of time thinking about, especially when they can look forward to seeing their girlfriend or wife’s intimate apparel during their intimate moments together. So the company recently conducted a survey, asking Japanese men what color of lingerie they like best.

But while a lot of popular clothing and accessory fashions in Japan are comparatively girly, the 112 respondents showed a strong preference for more classically mature colors, with over half choosing black or navy blue as their pick for their favorite lingerie color.

What lingerie color do you like best?
● Black: 38.4 percent
● Navy blue: 12.5 percent
● Pink: 11.6 percent
● White: 10.7 percent
● Blue: 9.8 percent
● Red: 4.5 percent
● Purple: 4.5 percent
● Beige: 2.7 percent
● Other/whatever color she looks good in: 1.8 percent
● No particular preference: 3.6 percent

The respondents might be in luck, as a separate survey by rival lingerie maker Wacoal found black to be the second-most popular choice among Japanese women for the “showdown panties” they slip into before a date that they think will end up in the bedroom.

Granted, as with any survey, personal preferences can of course differ, but Triumph’s list should be at least a little useful to those who want to play the percentages, at least until the company finally decides to bring its color-changing bra technology to market.

Source: PR Times
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