Why bother with jelly donuts when you could munch on one of these?

Unless you’re one of those craftily lazy types who avoids any sort of exercise at all costs, playing smash-hit mobile game Pokémon GO involves doing a lot of walking. Of course, the body needs food to fuel that sort of physical exertion, so a pedestrian Pokémon pursuit might leave you feeling a bit peckish.

At times like that, fans who got started through the animated arm of the Pokémon franchise might find themselves craving a rice ball or donut, but the staff at churro specialist The Loop can make something even more appropriate.

Behold: the Pikachurro!

Every day, the Westminster, California shop serves up extra-long looped churros covered in a variety of tempting toppings. And while it’s always a struggle to narrow down dessert choices, we’re don’t think much could compare to this crossover of popular members of the Pokémon and pastry families.

▼ There’s even an ice cream version!

As economic textbooks of the future will explain, 2016 is the year businesses became divided into two categories: those that shunned the Pokémon GO phenomenon, and those that embraced it. The Loop is clearly in the latter camp, with further evidence coming from how openly proud the shop is about being a PokeStop.

Sadly, the Pikachurro isn’t an official part of The Loop’s menu. Still, since it was put together with ingredients The Loop keeps on hand, maybe the staff will whip one up for you if you ask really nicely (and also tell them about any good Pokémon hunting grounds you’ve found).

Shop information
The Loop
Address: 9729 Bolsa Ave., Westminster, CA 92683, U.S.A.
Open: Noon – 11 p.m. (Sunday-Thursday), noon – midnight (Friday-Saturday)

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Featured image: Instagram/theloopchurros
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