Japanese teacher apologizes for peeing on students’ futon during club retreat

Went to take a bath after doing his business.

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Japanese public intoxication on parade in new line of capsule toys

You know, for kids.

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Tokyo’s Shibuya neighborhood bans public Halloween drinking following mayhem

Truck-tipping vandalism a major part of tipping-point decision in ordinarily pro-alcohol Japan.

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Man pulled over in Japan for drunk driving claims his body “produces alcohol”

A convenient excuse or an inconvenient truth?

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Drunken dad in Japan steals son’s cream pastry, adorable kid erupts in galactic-level anger

The sadness of a child who’s lost his dessert is too large to be contained on this earth.

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Tokyo’s heaviest/sleepiest drinkers chronicled in Twitter account’s photos and videos

Shibuya never sleeps, but these people who partied there are catching some alcohol-induced Zs.

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Ibaraki Prefecture marketing chief regarding their capital city: “Mito sucks! Die!”

Who knew Ibaraki was so punk?

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Japanese airline pilot fails alcohol breath test one hour before he was scheduled to fly

ANA Wings employee grounded as his breath keeps him from taking to the skies.

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Overly honest Japanese cocktail ad about the effects of getting drunk gets criticized online

The message is accurate, but that doesn’t mean it’s right, critics say.

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Japanese cops called in to break up drunken brawl by other Japanese cops who were drunk

Multiple crimes committed during coworkers alcohol-fueled dinner.

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Drunk man wants free ride home from police by claiming that he stole gun, gets arrested instead

Did he really think they’d pat him on the back and quietly drive him home?

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American traveler caught peeing on sleeping Japanese businessman during flight to Tokyo

Abuse of the complimentary alcohol service leads to a rude, wet awakening.

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Why’s my order taking so long? Boss of restaurant mysteriously found dead drunk with employees

Customers shocked to find them lying on the ground intoxicated with alcohol.

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Worst Kung Fu fight ever breaks out on street in China

Fast as lightning, those cats were not.

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Frozen senbei packaging “looks like Anna hailing a cab for drunk Elsa” 【Pic】

“No Elsa! Please don’t ‘let it go’ all over my dress!”

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Popular cellphone game Granblue Fantasy is making news for all the wrong reasons

It used to be all about the classy characters with awesome designs, but now the drunk sister is stealing the show.

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Drunk Russian man face-plants in the snow, decides it’s easier to just stay there【Video】

No matter how terrible of a day you’re having, there’s a good chance that this fellow’s having a worse one.

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Drunken burglar caught in an unexpected situation, “flies” out a window from the fifth floor

It’s never a good choice to try to drown your sorrows with alcohol when you feel like you’re down on luck. As the saying goes, it never rains but it pours and when you’re down and out, not to mention drunk, there’s a high possibility that shit is going to happen.

Let’s not even get into drunk driving; Taiwanese news site ETToday recently reported a bizarre case of a drunken man who broke into someone’s house, and eventually jumped out of a window from the fifth floor, landing him in the hospital. How exactly did all that come together? Details after the break!

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Nomisugi! Japan’s sleeping drunks get turned into living drink-awareness ads

It’s finally Friday here in Tokyo, and hundreds of thousands of people are gearing up for a night on the town. The weather is fine, the pubs plentiful, and with work done for another week it’s time to cut back and relax with a few beers.

Unfortunately, a lot of people in Japan tend to overdo it when it comes to drink. Combined with an alcohol intolerance that is surprisingly common amongst Asian people, this results in a shockingly high number of alcohol-related mishaps, with businessmen, beautifully dressed girls and college kids alike passing out on the street, in stairwells, on trains and station platforms pretty much every weekend.

The Yaocho Bar Group has been out looking for these sleeping drunks, however, and when they find one they swoop in like a band of rogue graffiti artists, using duct tape and pre-printed messages and slogans to construct a billboard around them, clearly labelling the drinker with the word nomisugi, or “drank too much’.

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Area Man Forgets Kids’ Present in Unlikely Place after Night of Drunken Revelry

Figuring that buying his two young boys a present would help ease the wrath of an angry spouse when he got home late after a night of drinking with co-workers (as process known as nominication), company employee Taro Suzuki may have inadvertently left the gift in a public phone booth after calling his wife to say he would be later than expected due to having missed the last train.

My boys have a huge aquarium and love gold fish,” said Suzuki while picking his ear with his house keys. “I thought if I brought home a few more their joy at receiving them would help calm the wife who, if past experience is any kind of indicator, might be somewhat displeased with my having missed dinner to go out for a few with the guys.”

It wasn’t until Suzuki got home and went to make his play, however, that he realized he no longer had the fish!

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