Slicing wood like cheese, superhuman throwing powers, and more will make you nod in satisfaction.

Recently we saw the incredible work of the Japanese packing-tape calligraphy master Shuetsu Sato, whose sticky signs are the thing of legend in Tokyo subways. And which are now hanging in our office.

But he’s not the only Japanese professional that is really, really good at his job. Nissan Japan recently put out a commercial showing their fellow countrymen working in a way that can really only be described as “oddly satisfying.”

Watch the short video here or scroll down for highlights:

▼ There’s just something about watching wood being shaved into sheets
0.008 millimeters thick that makes you go “ahhh.”


▼ Just floating above the ground while
unloading the wood on my truck, no big deal.


▼ This one you really have to watch the video to get
the full impact, but this guy’s throws seem to defy gravity.


▼ If synchronized window-washing were an Olympic sport,
these guys would wipe away the competition.


▼ “Hey, shouldn’t you use a forklift to carry that ridiculously massive stack?”
“Nah, I’m good.”


There are many more amazing professionals in the video showing off what they do best, so be sure to watch the full video!

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Source: YouTube/日産自動車株式会社 via NetLab
Images: YouTube/日産自動車株式会社