Regardless of how you feel about air travel, we sure you’ll admit that watching an aerobatics show by top pilots is nothing short of amazing. So, whether you get woozy standing on a stool or you love soaring in the sky, you won’t want to miss the photos  and videos from this week’s Blue Impulse show in Saitama!

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Blue Impulse is the Japan Air Self-Defense Force’s team of aerobatics pilots who perform around the country to adoring and amazed crowds. They’ve been around for decades, having performed their first show in 1960, and the team has used three different types of jets over the last fifty years. Surpassing 1,000 performances in 2011, they’ve been flying Kawasaki’s T-4 subsonic jets since 1996.

Following their show in Saitama on Culture Day yesterday, Twitter was flooded with tweets of photos, videos, and outright awe. Check out some of the best!

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“Wow! Wow! Wow! Blue Impulse was even cooler than I had imagined! It was really amazing. And free. I hope I’ll get to see them again next year.”




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“Blue Impulse… I’m so glad we had clear skies. (●´ω`●)”



The photo above doesn’t really do the cupid’s arrow and heart justice—it looks like the wind kind of deformed it. Check out the short video below for a better look at it!

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We absolutely loved these zoomed in photos of the planes. Tom Cruise, eat your heart out!

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And here are some of the awesome videos that appeared on Twitter. Blue Impulse’s performance and speed are amazing to watch! And now we’re wondering if they’d be willing to give us a ride next time the trains stop

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If you’re in Japan and you’d like to catch the Blue Impulse team in action, it looks like they have about five more shows before the end of the year. You can find schedule information on their official website here (Japanese only) or in English on this unofficial site.

Source: ITMedia, JASDF
Top image: Twitter/@FuyaApple