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If you have a cat at home, there’s a good chance you’re well aware of the frustrations felines can introduce to owners, like walking all over keyboards or stealing your seat the second you get up. Sure, we forgive them, and we might even find it kind of cute, but eventually the “pranks” get old and we just want to be able to sit down and write the next great novel without having to delete our cats’ helpful additions of  “jmmmmmmmmmm;;;;;;;acccccieiei1” every few minutes.

But what’s to be done against the wiles of a determined cat?! Well, you could lock your cat out of the room, but that would just be depressing. Or you could turn to Bessed, a design and manufacturing company that provides consumers with some…unique products. The company recently announced the release of their Neko Pochi Keyboard Cover, which is a keyboard cover designed to hold the weight of a cat over your keyboard so you can type. Now you know what to get all the cat-owners on your holiday gift list!

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If you have a cat, there’s a good chance the above image will look familiar to you. A cat flopped across your keyboard and purring “I’m not letting my servant do any work!” is probably one of the most common sights you’ll see in any cat owner’s home. But not for long, if Bessed has anything to say about it!

▼ “Damn you, Bessed!”

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Bessed, whose products include everything from a “slim suitcase” to a “burning message stamp” for searing messages into your hamburgers or pancakes, has made their Neko Pochi Keyboard Cover available on a number of websites, including Amazon Japan and Rakuten.

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The covers, which are made of acrylic resin, retail for around 4,000 to 6,000 yen (roughly US$33 to $50), which seems about 10 times more expensive than they should be. Sure these are useful for allowing your favorite pet to hang out with you while you get work done, but this isn’t anything you couldn’t make with three pieces of wood and a few nails!

▼ Then again, we suppose wood isn’t neon yellow…

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As you can see, Bessed has “designed” the covers so that they can be used as shelves to hold all the crap cluttering up your desk as well. Though if you have a cat, we suppose that stuff has already been knocked on the floor already…

▼ Picture taken five seconds before Mr. Meow-meow pushes everything off.

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Even worse, as the company admits in their ad, these covers have a certain fatal flaw that makes them nearly useless: When your cat jump up onto the cover, there’s a good chance you won’t be able to see the screen!

▼ “Bwahahahahahahaha!” Mr. Meow-meow

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Bessed does mention, though, that the covers can hold up to 10 kilograms (about 22 pounds). But the company also warns that they can slide fairly easily—we can’t stop imagining an eager kitty leaping onto one of these covers only to have the whole thing fly off the desk like a jumbo jet at take off!

Hopefully they’ll put some sticky pad on the bottoms of the legs for the second version…

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Images: Bessed