If smoke-filled rooms, loud noises and low win rates weren’t enticing you to go, there might actually be a few reasons to visit one now!

Playing pachinko is a bit like watching paint dry. Except when paint is finally dry, you can enjoy a new room or the end of a project. When you leave the parlor, on the other hand, odds are you’ve just spent a bunch of money watching a small steel ball go into a hole. People might be deciding that there’s not all that much joy (or money) to be gained from the machines, as the number of pachinko parlors has continued to drop since the early 2000s. This is why pachinko businesses have implemented some new services that really appeal to the needs and wants of the public. Here are some of the amenities pachinko parlors have started offering.

– WiFi –

A lot of travelers already know that free WiFi is not as common in Japan as one might think. More businesses are providing such a service, but pachinko parlors could be one of the leading industries. It makes a lot of sense, especially when you want to give people a reason to keep playing pachinko. Because let’s be real, it’s pretty easy to read the news or check Facebook and play with some metal balls at the same time.

– Manga –

However, if you don’t read the news, how about catching up on your favorite manga? More and more pachinko parlors are setting up reading corners with volumes upon volumes of manga for the comic lover to enjoy.

▼ You might as well read Kochikame!


▼ This particular pachinko parlor has more than just manga. They’ve got novels, magazines and even tablets for your pleasure.


– Massage Chairs –

There is never a bad time to use a massage chair. Why do you think people love going to electronic stores? Many of the fancy chairs in pachinko parlors provide full body machine-powered massages, getting deep into the muscles from your head to your toes.


– Foot Baths –

Along with massage chairs, some parlors are even given patrons the option of relaxing their tired feet in a little bath.

– Umbrellas –

Nothing makes a bad day worse than getting rained on after losing money. Perhaps this is why free-to-take umbrellas are becoming a common sight at pachinko parlors. Most likely many of those umbrellas make their way back to the parlor on another day, so it’s really a win-win for pachinko.

– Classy Bathrooms –

An experience anywhere can be dampened if the washroom facilities are not up to snuff. Some pachinko parlors are going the extra mile for their female clientele by providing powder rooms worthy of a top-notch hotel.

▼ We could play pachinko or just relax in their amazing bathroom.

– Daycare Service –

Parents obviously can’t leave their kids in the car or allow them to sit besides you as you “gamble”. However, if free childcare service is provided, that’s almost worth the risk of losing a bit of cash.

Those sure are a lot of services for an unofficial gambling house that has to “pay out” every once in a while, and you may even be wondering how they can continue to provide them for the simple price of playing pachinko. Well, the reality is that only 20 percent of people who play are winners, so the more people they can get in the door, the more sweet services can be provided.  

Source: Naver Matome
Featured image: Flickr/Dick Thomas Johnson