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It’s basically like a guy in a Cloud costume playing Final Fantasy VII.

According to Shinto beliefs, everything has a spirit associated with it. So when you are attempting to win a game based on luck, like pachinko, it makes sense to try to appease whatever possible spirits that may be around. You might try appealing to the pachinko machine spirit or the electronic slots spirit or even the tiny steel ball spirit. You just do whatever you can to get luck on your side, even if it means coming dressed up like the main character of the pachinko slot game you are playing.

A keen-eyed Twitter user in Japan snapped this photo of a uniquely dressed pachinko player who decided to combine his pachinko habits with his cosplaying. Dressed as the green-haired swimmer from Sea Story, this player is probably hoping either the cosplay gods or the pachinko gods are willing to smile down on him. Or perhaps the game will get so confused by the main character playing his own game that the balls and slots will just do exactly as the player wants.

▼ Watching a video of someone playing pachinko is only slightly less boring than actually playing yourself. You’ll never get your 10 minutes back, but at least you don’t lose any money!

We certainly applaud the effort that went into this pachinko session, but we aren’t sure if it’s actually worked out for the cosplayer. If you look on the ground behind the players, it appears the plain-clothed man beside the man in a Speedo is doing better, by about two buckets full. However, that could just be the number of balls each player had purchased originally. It’s hard to tell. You never know though — pachinko is a pretty fickle game. Balls that are here now can be gone in five minutes flat.

Source: Hamsoku
Top image: Twitter/@NAOKUN0926 edited by RocketNews24