If it looks like World Order, and moves like World Order, it’s probably bad if it’s not World Order.

Since 1959, the Universiade (a combination of the words “university” and “olympiad”) has been held every few years to allow university athletes the chance to compete against their peers from around the world. And just like the Olympics, there are mascots to amp up the excitement factor. With Taiwan hosting in summer 2017, there’s no better time than now to release a promotional video featuring their mascot Xiong Zan Bravo. There seems to be just one little problem…take a look for yourself

Anyone who’s a fan of World Order and Genki Sudo might be screaming foul right about now. Their video not only features men in suits who dance very robotically, but shifts from one iconic location to another, just like World Order’s videos do.

Taiwanese news media decided to take to the streets and asked those who had seen the video to give their impressions of the video. About 70 percent of the people who were asked said that the video resembled World Order’s original work.

While we don’t know if the music group is going to take any legal action against the Universiade, we can see a lot of similarities between the two — but what do you think? Is this a rip-off? Or maybe it’s just an homage to the unique group? Whatever you think, feel free to communicate it to us using robotic dance moves!

Source: Livedoor News
Featured image: YouTube/Zhen-Yang Huang