This is the cutest alternative to wrapping paper we’ve ever seen!

Japanese online retailer Felissimo is back again with a new adorable collection for us to fawn over, and this time it’s a whole aviary of cute stationery and homewares being released. First up is the new palm-sitting Java sparrow mini bag, which retails for 702 yen (US$6.95) and comes in a pack of 25 with matching seals.


The little envelopes have been specially designed to fold up into a sitting position, which brings the tiny sparrow to life as it appears to sit in the palm of your hand!

All you have to do is open the top of the envelope and fold over the special “tetra-fold” to create the 3-D shape. After putting in a special gift like individually wrapped chocolates or candies, simply attach the seal over the fold and your unique gift bag is complete!


You can always keep a bird on hand for yourself too, with the cute bag being a perfect place to store your own small goods on your desk at work or at home.


▼ Alongside the Sakura Java sparrow are two other cute birds, including a cinnamon Java sparrow…


▼ And a gorgeous white Java sparrow.


▼ Your gift hamper will definitely be remembered if it comes filled with adorable little Java sparrows!


Along with the cute mini bags, Felissimo has also released a number of other sweet homewares to help you turn your living space into a mock aviary.

▼ There are Parakeet Clips, which retail for 918 yen each.


▼ Parakeet Cord Keepers for 1,242 yen each.


▼ A “Bird Jumping Out Of the Nest Key Case” (1,944 yen).


▼ And an adorable set of “Pestering Little Bird Bag Hangers” for 2,268 yen each.


The cute birds are now ready and waiting to fly into homes across the world, thanks to the Felissimo website, which offers delivery within Japan and for customers living overseas.

Source, Images: PR Times