The crisply suited men of World Order are here to teach you some basic Japanese business tricks (and advertise an energy drink while they’re at it).

World Order is back, only this time starring in a commercial, and not a new music video. The dance group, which puts synchronized swimming teams to shame with its members’ tightly coordinated movements, has recently lent their talents to an advertising campaign for the Real Gold Works energy beverage produced by Coca-Cola. It’s easy to forget that they’re marketing a product, however, since they spend most of the video demonstrating their own humorous interpretations of basic body motions encountered in the business world.

While the commercial doesn’t showcase any of their famous slow-motion group walking, it does feature former group leader Genki Sudo, who announced last year that he would be stepping back from being the “face” of the group to focus on directing and producing instead.

Ready for a crash course in “Business Exercises: Elementary Level”? See the video and descriptions of the techniques below!

1. Exchanging business cards–How to swiftly reach into your pocket to procure a business card, then bow at a deeper angle than your partner (use those knees!)


2. Having a meeting–How to nod your head as you listen to someone speak, then slide your arms back and forth while voicing your agreement

▼ The sliding arms bit is a bit disconcerting at first, until you remember that World Order has more than three members.


3. Leaving the office–How to roll backwards out of the office (obviously not the normal method of commuting)


4. Catching a taxi–How to wave your hands frantically for a taxi, then step up your game by spinning your entire body


The exercises come to an abrupt end when the narrator tells us that rather than remembering these exercises, you should just drink the Real Gold Works energy drink to be in tip-top shape for your business transaction. Oh yeah, we almost forgot this was an advertisement to begin with.


You may have caught it from the video title but, yes, this is only the elementary level–the end of the clip hints that we’re most likely in store for some even more challenging mid-level business maneuvers in the near future. Catch you and your suits later, World Order!

Source/Images: YouTube/Coca Cola