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Japan has long been a hotbed of musical experimentation, with everything for J-pop metal to folk music to bizarre rap available to anyone willing to look. Some experiments have worked out better than others, but one of our favorite success stories is the appropriately named Genki Sudo and his music/dance group World Order. Even if you don’t recognize the name, you’ve surely seen the videos of sexy young men dancing like robots through the streets of cities around the world.

This time, Genki and the gang are back in Tokyo–Akihabara, to be precise–and they’re not alone, thanks to a special guest appearance by…AKB48?! Check the madness out below!

Genki, a one time professional fighter and wrestling coach, is a wicked dancer with an excellent sense of humor. His music, which could probably be best described as techno pop, mixes solid electronica with auto-tuned, saccharine vocals and provides the perfect backing for his unique brand of robotic dancing and walking. And we’re here today to share his newest video, “Have a Nice Day.”

Released last week, the new video already has well over 270,000 views and sees the group exploring the wonders of Akihabara, Tokyo’s geekiest part of town.

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As the group robot walks out of Akihabara station, they head down the main drag, checking out some of the stores before being caught by a maid advertising her cafe. Heading upstairs, the group is treated to a moe-ful good time, complete with an abundance of close-ups on the maids short skirts.

▼ Even more robots!

WorldOrder (7)

▼ Here, they’re either doing a cat dance or riding imaginary motorcycles…

WorldOrder (6)

Thoroughly full from kitty-ketchup rice omelets, World Order heads back outside for some prime shopping fun–though, oddly enough, they somehow transport from Akihabara to Toyoso’s LaLaport, current home to a giant Patlabor statue.

▼ Crepes and motorcycles. Best. Gang. Ever!

WorldOrder (5)

▼ They must be in Village Vanguard, it’s the only place you can find naked
action figures, wacky sunglasses, and a butt piggy bank.

WorldOrder (4)

After eating crepes and dancing with naked action figures at the mall, the group heads back to Akihabara to grab some glow sticks and…catch an AKB48 show! We never had any idea just how much Genki Sudo apparently loves the pop idols.

▼ “Japan’s Most Sophisticated Show.” Wait, what??

WorldOrder (3)

▼ In a dance off between AKB48 and World Order, the robots always win.

WorldOrder (2)

After the inexplicable guest appearance by the idols, World Order appears back on the mean streets of Akihabara for a group dance session with some of the neighborhood’s more colorful characters. Like a giant-headed anime girl!

▼ Be jealous of whoever got to stand right behind Genki Sudo’s bouncing booty.

WorldOrder (9)

▼ More group dan–wait, what is that pink-haired ogre doing with that pillow?!

WorldOrder (1)

Alright, now check out the full video below and enjoy some sexy robodancing! And if you’ve been to Akihabara, count how many spots you recognize.

Of course, World Order has lots of other awesome videos, like “Welcome to TOKYO,” which features the message “WELCOME to TOKYO OLYMPIC 2020” and sees the group dancing around Japan’s largest metropolitan area.

And our favorite music video to feature a Buddhist temple, “MIND SHIFT,” possibly inspired by Genki Sudo’s personal Buddhist beliefs, and one of the coolest portrayals of Kannon we’ve seen yet.

While the dancing in the newest video might not be quite as fancy as in some of their older videos, we have to say that it’s still a ton of fun.

And now we really want crepes. Served by a robot maids wearing business suits.

Images: YouTube
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