If you are a Mario fan, you are going to love every single bit of this!

We have finally seen the release of Super Mario Run, Nintendo’s first official mobile game made in-house. Whether you are snagging coins and smushing goombas on your iPhone, or anxiously awaiting an Android release, most people are in agreement that it is very much a Mario game on your phone (despite a “hefty” buy-in price). As each new Mario game is released, we sometimes need a simple reminder of the roots of our favorite plumber hero. Thankfully, YouTube channel jugglersynchro created such a loving tribute using a toy that was invented 11 years before Mario, the Rubik’s cube.

Of course, it’s difficult to animate Mario with only nine “pixels”, so the team tirelessly reconfigure a whole bunch of cubes to run Mario through some familiar scenes.

▼ Our favorite plumber beginning his solo adventure.


▼ What we always imagine will happen if we ate a mushroom, double in size and height.


▼ Yahoo!


These two Super Mario Bros. fans show their love in a way that can only be described as “time-consuming”. But it’s pretty clear that they enjoyed putting together their video.

▼ Boxes upon boxes of boxes composed of smaller boxes.


▼ Lay back and relax jugglersynchro, you did an all right (angled) job!


While many of us are tapping our iPhones through classic scenes, this simple video is a great reminder of the joy Super Mario Bros. has brought us. It’s been over 30 years since this overall-wearing plumber has been hopping and jumping on goombas and Bowser buddies, and we hope the next 30 years will be as fun and successful for him. 

Source: Twitter/@jugglersynchro
Images: YouTube/jugglersynchro