These pups are definitely enjoying their winter wonderland.

For a majority of people in the world, the end of the year is marked with a reprieve from the humid dog days of summer. In the snowy regions of Japan during the wintertime, the fluffy white stuff transforms the rice fields and forests into a magical, white wonderland. Humans are not the only creatures to enjoy frolicking through the snow; other animals also enjoy running through it, especially those with fluffy coats of fur to keep the cold at bay.

Take the following two pups for example. The snow has not only gathered in their backyard, but also on the dogs themselves!

The harder they romped through the snow, the more it stuck to their fur coats. In a humorous twist, the snow only clumped around their chest, so they look like two dachshunds with Santa beards. You can see that the solid brown dog has an especially impressive white beard. When the dog is held up by the owner, the snow clumps perfectly cover the underside of the dog’s chin.

When looking at it another way, perhaps the two dogs are a great way to scout and reload during a snowball fight. Their short statures make it easy to push through the snow without aerial interference and when they return to you with a report, you can collect the new ammo they have accumulated. It really seems to be the perfect fit as both dogs and humans can have fun! Whether you’re a cat, a dog, a panda, or even an adorable otter, winter wonderlands are playgrounds for everyone.

Source: Hamsoku
Featured image: Twitter/@segasankumasan