The premium Belgian chocolatier brings us quality over quantity with their $46 fukubukuro.

Godiva has a huge following of loyal chocolate lovers in Japan, but given the high price of their goods, it’s not an indulgence people can afford to enjoy every day. When it comes to New Year’s, the season of splurging in Japan, the company brings out their annual fukubukuro, and despite the fact that it costs a whopping 5,400 yen (US$45.85), the lucky bag is always a hit with customers.

▼ When you’re indulging in expensive chocolates, it’s all about quality rather than quantity.


The Godiva lucky bag contains just five packs of chocolates, but fans of the brand will know that this is still good value for money.


▼ There’s a 6-piece Truffle Assortment…


▼ An 8-piece Cookie Assortment…


▼ A box of Chocolate Pretzels…


▼ An 8-piece “New Year’s Assortment”…


▼ And a tin of Milk Chocolate Cappucino Pearls.


▼ Everything comes beautifully packed in this dark chocolate-coloured tote.


While the boxed chocolates and truffles were rich and luxurious, the Pearls were absolutely addictive. When they’re this small, it’s okay to eat them all at once, right?


After calculating the cost of all the items inside, we were happy to find out that this would’ve normally set us back about 7,000 yen, meaning we’d saved almost 2,000 yen. While the high cost of chocolates might seem crazy to people like P.K. Sanjun, who was crushed after purchasing last year’s bag, people who like quality chocolates should definitely consider adding this to their list of must-have lucky bags for next year!

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