Yodeling, chickens, ninjas, and more! What else do you need?

If you haven’t heard of Takeo Ishii (who also spells his name Ischi) then you have been missing out. He’s a 69-year-old Japanese man who lives in Europe and is known for his… wait for it… yodeling skills.

▼ Here’s the man himself, looking strapping in
his Alpine hat and posing with a stein…

▼ …and here he is as a young man
in some fancy lederhosen!

Takeo Ischi first came to the attention of the internet a few years back with his release of the delightfully nonsensical music video “Bibi Hendl” where he yodels in German with a bunch of chickens.

If you haven’t had the joy of seeing it yet, you can remedy that immediately by watching it here:

And now, after a several year hiatus, Takeo Ischi is back with another yodeling chicken music video: Chicken Attack.

▼ I mean, just look at the poster
for the song. Just look at it!

Chicken Attack may start off a little slower than the previous video, but when it gets going, it gets going. We don’t want to spoil anything else about it, so watch it here or scroll down for highlights:

▼ Ischi is attacked by a ninja, so he fights the only way he can: by yodeling.
“You should know that a man,
with the power of nature…”


“Can bring you to the end of your luck.”


“And you should know by my stride,
and the look in my eye,
that you’re about to be massively f…”


“…orced to give up!”


“They might look harmless,
but they’ll kick your
non-chicken ass!”


A wizened yodeling master?! Chicken ninjas?! That’s just the tip of the chicken beak, so be sure to watch the video to get the full experience.

We hope to see much more of Takeo Ischi from here on out. Maybe someday we can even get him to do a yodeling metal song with the most metal of birds, the all-black chicken?

Source, insert images: YouTube/schmoyoho
Reference: Wikipedia
Featured image: Twitter/@theawesomer