KFC comes out with their candidate for a viral web video, filled with ninja maids, crazy visuals and a storyline that’s so insane it hardly makes sense!

The quickest way to get your brand noticed in the world of marketing these days is with a hot viral video, and in Japan, KFC is the latest company to get on board with the trend, leading the way with a new clip that sets out to be as crazy and bizarre as possible. Called “Taressence”, the web video is all about “tare”, or “sauce”, and has been designed to look like an 80s music video with an authentic VHS quality that takes you back to a time when YouTube didn’t exist.

▼ Get ready to be blown away by this crazy KFC adventure.

Didn’t understand what was going on? Don’t worry, we didn’t either! According to the official press release, the story follows one man’s journey around the world, as he’s tasked by the T.A.R.E. Scientific Research Institute to find the ultimate sauce.

▼ The song “Taressence” is sung by Ladybeard and available on “Chicken Records”


After falling, exhausted, in the middle of the desert, two factions appear to battle it out: Ladybeard’s Sweet Sauce Chicken Fillet Tribe vs the Refreshing Sauce Chicken Burger Tribe led by a cat-eared ninja maid.


▼ An ancient god, played by Ladybeard’s cross-dressing friend, “Sailor Suit Old Man“, watches over the intense battle.


While the ninja maids appear to be victorious in the clip, there are no real losers here, as KFC has released both delicious sauces as part of their special autumn menu. On the left is the “Yamitsuki Shoyu Dare”, a chicken fillet smothered in an addictive soy sauce, and on the right is the “Wafu Oroshi Chikin Sando” Chicken Burger with a grated Japanese radish sauce.

▼ The chicken fillet retails for 270 yen (US$2.63), while the burger is priced at 390 yen.


The battle continues at KFC stores around the country, as customers now decide which of the items gets to journey on their tastebuds. Which one wins for you?

Source: @Press
Images: YouTube/Kentucky Fried Chicken Official YouTube Channel