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Service will be available on four different hiking routes to Japan’s tallest peak.

Not so long ago, many would have thought of the idea of using the Internet while climbing Mt. Fuji to be absurd. You’re on one of the most culturally significant, naturally beautiful sites in Japan, and you want to take time out to surf the Web?

But the Internet is now an invaluable resource for travelers, hikers included. There’s no more effective way to keep track of your location, check weather conditions, coordinate your trek with public transportation schedules, or keep in contact with the rest of your group of fellow outdoorsmen than with a smartphone or other mobile Internet-capable device, which is why this summer free Wi-Fi is coming to Mt. Fuji.

Service provider Wire & Wireless will be offering wireless Internet access at a total of 49 locations on Japan’s tallest mountain, including all of the mountain huts that provide temporary lodging for climbers. Coverage pockets can be found along the Fujinomiya, Subashiri, Gotemba, and Yoshida routes, as well as at Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport.

Users can access the network by registering their email address or social network account. Alternatively, Wire & Wireless’ free Travel Japan Wi-Fi app (for iOS and Android devices) will automatically connect your device to the Fuji-san Wi-Fi network (as the Mt. Fuji network is called) when it detects the signal. The network offers support in six languages: Japanese, English, Chinese, simplified Chinese, Korean, and Thai.

The Fujisan Wi-Fi network will be accessible from July 10 to September 10, coinciding with the peak climbing season for the mountain. The Travel Japan Wi-Fi app can be downloaded here on the Wire & Wireless website.

Source: IT Media
Top image: Wire & Wireless

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