We travel to Yamaguchi Prefecture to see what is widely recognized as the most beautiful bridge in Japan.

Shimonoseki City in Yamaguchi Prefecture, located at the southwestern tip of the main Japanese island of Honshu, is famous for several things, including highly valued blowfish (fugu), and for those interested in history, as the location where one of the most well-known battles in Japanaese history, the Battle of Dannoura, which was fought between the Genji and Heishi clans over eight centuries ago in 1185.

It’s also where you’ll find the Tsunoshima Ōhashi (literally, “the giant bridge of Tusnoshima”), the bridge that connects the Houhokucho area of Shimonoseki City and the island of Tsunoshima. The bridge has the distinction of being known as “the most beautiful bridge in Japan”, and the stunning view of the sea and the bridge attracts many visitors to the area each year.

The Tsunoshima Ōhashi was completed in 2000, and at a length of 1,780 meters (1.1 miles), it’s also one of the longest bridges in Japan that is toll-free.

We were told that the best time to visit the area is in the summer, but since we happened to be traveling to Yamaguchi Prefecture, we decided it would be an excellent opportunity to go see the most beautiful bridge in Japan. After traveling one hour from the Shimonoseki Interchange by car, we were greeted by some amazing views!

▼ Here we are at the start of the Tsunoshima Ōhashi.

▼ What a sight! It’s especially spectacular if the weather is clear.

▼ Yes, we were definitely lucky with the weather.

▼ Just look at the crystal clear water!

▼ Even without the bridge, the ocean is a sight worth seeing.

We thought the view was breathtaking! The combination of the blue water and the straight bridge passing over it completely captivated us.

That aside though, we were somewhat disappointed that some of the visitors seemed to have gotten a bit carried away with the view (although understandably so) and had become careless about their manners, parking outside of the allotted parking areas or taking pictures right in the middle of the road. We hope there’ll be less of such behavior in the future, for the sake of both visitors and local residents as well.

▼ The location of Tsunoshima Ōhashi on Google Maps,
for anyone looking to plan a trip for some photos of their own.

Apparently, the Tsunoshima Ōhashi is often used as a filming location, and after actually seeing the scenery there, we can certainly understand why. We have to say it was well worth the visit! Tsunoshima is well on its way to competing with some of the most gorgeous bridges around the tropical islands of Okinawa.

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