It looks like it could be a set from The Lord of the Rings!

Vietnam is becoming a hot travel destination for many tourists from around the world. With delicious food, pleasant beaches, gorgeous scenery, and affordable accommodation, it’s no wonder why.

Plus, there is no shortage of wonderful tourist attractions in this increasingly popular country. Take, for example, this amazing, newly opened bridge that has been making waves on social media for its unique, fantasy-esque design.

This is the Golden Bridge, or Cau Vang in Vietnamese, and it’s located outside of the city of Da Nang in central Vietnam. It rises 1,400 meters (nearly 4,600 feet) above seal level and stretches 150 meters (almost 500 feet) across the scenic Ba Na Hills.

The design, of course, is what’s turning heads. The walkway, which is painted in gold and lined with purple Lobelia chrysanthemums, is supported by two hands that appear to be made of stone. The weathered look of the hands makes them appear ancient, as if they were the hands of some enormous god holding the bridge above the earth like a delicate golden thread.

It might surprise you that the bridge was just built over the last year, only opening in June, and that the hands are actually built from steel mesh and fiberglass, not stone. It serves as part of a US$2-billion project to bring more visitors to the Da Nang area, and, considering the attention the bridge has received, it looks like it might pay off.

The Golden Bridge is not even the only attraction of the Ba Na Hills; clearly the stunning view, which includes glimpses of the last remaining homes of the former French colonists, is also a major reason for visiting this mountainside.

The views are likely also appreciated from the cable car, which tourists can use to travel up to the area, which also has a replica French medieval village, a curated garden, and a wax museum. Plans to build another bridge connecting to the Golden Bridge, this time in silver to mimic a strand of a god’s hair, are currently underway, too, so there will be plenty to do after you’ve made your way across the bridge.

There are lots of other reasons to check out the city of Da Nang, too; it’s known for its beautiful resort beaches, its equally cool Dragon Bridge, and its intense annual International Fireworks Festival, so if you’re planning a trip to Vietnam, you won’t want to miss out on this charming area.

Source: Bored Panda via Kaigai no Bankoku Hanou Ki via My Game News Flash
Top image: YouTube/Amazing Things in Vietnam
Reference: BBC, South China Morning Post