Four Samantha brands are participating!

Did you know it’s been 30 years since the original Sailor Moon anime first graced the airwaves? The first episode aired in 1992! That’s why this year is going to be chock full of celebrations, including new Sailor Moon products like the Samantha Group’s upcoming purses, wallets, and accessories. Four popular fashion and accessory brands from the Samantha Group will be contributing beautiful products: Samantha Vega, Samantha Thavasa Petit Choice, Samatha Tiara, and Samantha Thavasa Under25 & No.7.

The Samantha Vega brand, which produces cute and mode fashion items representing Tokyo-born Japanese pop culture, is releasing bags and clothing designs based on Luna, Artemis, and Sailor Moon. There are two lines of purses, one with the coloring of Sailor Moon’s uniform and one modeled off of Luna, and two loungewear items based on Luna and Artemis.

The Sailor Moon uniform purses include a handbag, shoulder bag, and mini backpack, and come in red, white, and blue. They’re accessorized with Sailor Moon’s original transformation brooch.

The Luna bags are black with a glittering crescent moon design embedded with an aurora stone. Also included are a mirror and a pouch, which are decorated with Luna’s ears. Prices for the Samantha Vega items range from 8,580 yen (US$66) for the mirror and 21,780 yen for the handbags.

You can keep the theme going with what’s inside your purse with the Samantha Thavasa Petit Choice brand’s collaboration items: leather wallets and other small accessories. There are six wallets modeled off of the five original Sailor Scouts and Luna (18,700 yen each), which each come with a special edition box, and seven beautiful charms representing the five Sailor Scouts, Luna, and Sailor Moon’s Moon Stick (3,850 to 4,400 yen each).

There are also three styles of key pouches: Princess Serenity, Sailor Moon, and Luna, each of which will sell for 13,200 yen.

And lastly are mini shoulder bags in the same styles, also for 13,200 yen.

From the Samantha Tiara jewelry brand comes a series of beautiful necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets, such as these three based on Sailor Moon’s transformation brooch, her Moon Stick, and Princess Serenity’s crescent moon symbol (22,000 to 25,300 yen each).

Add on to that a pinky ring designed to look like Sailor Moon’s tiara, which can also be worn as an ear cuff (17,600 yen). It’s shown together with the Moon Stick necklace.

For fans of Sailor Moon’s transformation brooch, in addition to the necklace, Samantha Tiara will also be offering a pair of earrings, a bracelet, and a ring in the style of the brooch (20,900 yen to 26,400 yen).

Each of the items comes in a special commemorative box, which might even be a collector’s item on its own.

But of course, if you’d rather have a proper jewelry box, you can purchase this beautiful Sailor Moon one for 9,900 yen.

The last brand, Samantha Thavasa Under25 & No.7, is for golfers, offering cute and feminine golfing clothes and accessories like the sailor uniform polo and mini-skirt, Sailor Moon long socks, and Luna ball holder (5,280 yen to 20,900 yen).

A short-sleeved collared dress, printed with Sailor Moon motifs like crescent moons and stars, is also available in either pink or blue (30,800 yen).

Another pair of socks with the colors reversed and a marker in the shape of the moon stick or the brooch (4,950 yen each) will also be available to take with you on the green.

Samantha Vega, Samantha Thavasa Petit Choice, and Samantha Tiara will also have a line dedicated to Princess Serenity, called the Princess Serenity Collection. Based on the white color of Princess Serenity’s dress and decorated with golden crescent moons adorned with aurora crystals, these beautiful accessories will have you swooning. Samantha Vega’s mini backpack, handbag, and shoulder bag are all in the creamy white of Princess Serenity’s dress, with motifs based on the dress’ embellishments and gold metal decorations that catch the eye (18,480 yen to 21,480 yen).

From Samantha Thavasa Petit Choice comes a beautiful white, long wallet with gold clasps and moon and star decorations along the edge (33,000 yen). It comes with a specially made, limited-edition collector’s box.

And finally, from Samantha Tiara come three beautiful items with crescent moon shapes, pearls like those used in Princess Serenity’s hair, and motifs from her a dress: a golden necklace (24,200 yen), a golden ring (60,500 yen), and a silvery ear cuff (24,200 yen). The ring is by order only; only samples will be available in shops.

All of these items are available for preorder now from the Samantha Group Official Online Shop as well as from P-Bandai, but you will also be able to buy them at the pop-up shops. One will be in Something Good Studio on the third floor of Hankyu Umeda Main Store in Osaka from May 11 to 17, and then will move to the Golf Promotion Space on the sixth floor of Matsuya Ginza in Tokyo from May 18 to 31. Lastly, you’ll find them at Media Stage on the first floor of Hakata Hankyuu in Fukuoka, and in Lazona Kawasaki Plaza in Kawasaki, from June 1 to 7.

After June 8, they’ll be available at the Samantha Group stores around the country. Don’t miss this chance to add these beautiful accessories to your Sailor Moon collection, which might already include 30th-anniversary accessories from Anna Sui. And if you need tips to organize all of your collectibles, look no further than this industrious netizen!

Source, images: PR Times
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