Handsome miner dummies take the mannequin challenge to new heights with a catchy new music video that’s winning over fans around the country.

Last year, the Internet was flooded with videos of people taking part in the “Mannequin Challenge“, a viral trend where groups of people froze in mid-pose as a moving camera recorded them.

While people around the world had fun mimicking mannequins, the mannequins of the world remained silent throughout the trend. Until now.

Now there’s a group of silver-mining dummies out to mimic the human world, with the first-ever mannequin idol group from Japan, made up of 60 members from a mine in Asago, in Hyogo Prefecture.

Take a look at their new music video, “Gingira Silver Mine Paradise – GGGZPDS:

Now that we all have “Gin Gin Gin Gin Ginzan Boyz Gin Gira Ginzan Paradise” stuck on repeat in our heads, it’s safe to say that the new idol unit has successfully brought attention to Asago’s Ikuno Silver Mine and Ikuno Mineral Museum, which was really their plan all along.

The handsome mannequins spend their days at the popular tourist spot, re-enacting the work undertaken by locals in the former mining town, and now their epic music video is bringing them even more attention from new fans around the country.

▼ Because who doesn’t want to fall in love with a mannequin and then desperately desire to see them in person?

Just like a regular idol group, each member has a different look and personality. Those with a keen eye, though, may have spotted one mannequin that looked a little too lifelike, and that’s because it’s actually Asago’s City Mayor, or “Shicho” in Japanese, who has thrown his support behind the project by making a cameo appearance in the clip.

Local high students also showed their support for the project, by providing backing vocals for the group’s debut single. While the dummies themselves are obviously unable to sing, fans don’t seem to mind, as they’re already flocking to the area to meet their favourite members.

To take a look at all 60 members of the idol unit, check out their official website here. With lyrics that reveal how hard they work “digging up dreams” 880 metres, or half a mile, underground in their cool environment, it’s no wonder this underground unit has so many fans!

Source: PR Times
Featured image: YouTube/生野銀山と生野鉱物館史跡・
Insert images: YouTube/生野銀山と生野鉱物館史跡・, PR Times

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