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Hello Kitty and AKB48 collaborate for the ultimate fan merchandise from Thank You Mart

Hello Kitty dons yet another hat by becoming a member of one of Japan’s most popular idol groups.

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Japanese idol concert goes ahead during heavy rain, creates crazy scenes for otaku near Mt Fuji

Mosh pit turns into a pond but that doesn’t stop the singing and dancing.

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Talent agency frustrated at idol fans’ aggressiveness, tells them to stop on official website

Instinctively chasing down idols may be acceptable in fans’ eyes, but not so in everyone else’s.

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Subpar AKB48 performance in Thailand earns scalding remarks from netizens 【Video】

Apparently it was so bad that Thai music fans wondered, “Are these really idols?”

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AKB48 and South Korean idol groups perform hits at music awards, turns out to be a disaster

Scathing comments from Japanese and Korean netizens spark heated debate between the two pop cultures.

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Ginzan Boyz: Japan’s newest idol group, made up of underground mannequins 【Video】

Handsome miner dummies take the mannequin challenge to new heights with a catchy new music video that’s winning over fans around the country.

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Japanese boy band shakes up the music world as all nine members kiss each other in new video clip

If there was an award for most male-on-male kisses in a mainstream music video, this idol group would take home first prize.

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The muscles are back: Macho man idol group makes their debut in Shibuya

Those of you who were excited after hearing about the Macho Cafe opening in the Shibuya neighborhood of Tokyo in April will be thrilled to hear about this new idol music group who just made their debut this week. The group is composed entirely of, you guessed it- macho men!

Can’t get enough of those rippling pectorals? Well there’s plenty for you here.

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Man who attacked AKB48 members with saw at handshake event is jailed for six years

Hugely popular idol group AKB48 was founded on the premise of “idols you can meet” and over the years they’ve stuck to it, hosting numerous handshake and meet-and-greet events on top of their live shows and performances at their own special theatre. Sadly, that open, accommodating fan policy was jeopardised last year when two members of the group were viciously attacked at a handshake event by a crazed “fan” wielding a hand saw.

Luckily, the girls weren’t too seriously injured, but the incident shook the entertainment industry and led to increased security measures being implemented at celebrity events, and it was reported yesterday that the individual responsible for the attack has been sentenced to six years in prison.

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