WARNING: Trying to make sense of this man’s plot may cause headaches.

Residents in Kita Ward of Kobe City who happened to be outside or looking out their windows at about 6:50 p.m. on 26 July may have been subjected to an unusual scene. An unemployed 26-year-old man was walking down the street with his mother, when he suddenly began to remove his clothes.

The panicked mother began gathering his discarded garments in the hope that he might put them back on, but it was all in vain for when the young man finally reached full nudity the 110 (Japanese emergency police line) calls came flooding in.

The authorities were quickly on the scene and the suspect was easily identified and arrested for being a “public nuisance.” He later admitted to the charges, but this is where things really begin to get weird.

During questioning, the man told authorities, “I wanted to move. I figured that if I embarrassed my parents then I would have to move out.”

Try to let that logic sink in for a moment and let’s together try to hash out what exactly this man’s plan was. First, here’s what some comments had to say:

“This is a situation that cannot be understood by an ordinary person.”
“His reason has nothing to do with what he did. What the hell?!”
“That was a terrible idea.”
“His way of thinking is too childish. No wonder he’s unemployed.”
“I guess he wanted to move into a prison?”

Initially I thought that the man wanted to motivate himself to leave by causing a huge and embarrassing scene. However, giving himself a criminal record probably isn’t getting his home ownership plan off on the right foot.

More likely is the possibility that he wanted to force his parents to pay for another place to live by mortifying them in front of the community. But the damage was already done, so sending him away wouldn’t accomplish much…or did he want the whole family to move together?

Maybe the guy just wanted to get naked and came up with a half-assed reason afterward. Or perhaps he is such a genius that we simply cannot comprehend the brilliance of his current five-dimensional chess game.

In the end, I think we can all agree that the real criminal here is the investigating police officer who never bothered to ask, “HOW THE HELL WAS THIS GOING TO HELP YOU MOVE?!” Either that, or he or she did ask but didn’t report it, leaving the rest of us with no closure to this story whatsoever.

And that’s just mean.

Source: Yahoo! Japan News, My Game News Flash
Top image: Pakutaso