Suspect turns himself in to police, and an Internet star is born.

Imagine driving your car through the streets of your community on a sunny afternoon, perhaps while running errands. You slowly pull up to an intersection, when suddenly an unknown man runs around the corner, jumps on the hood of your car and begins smashing your windshield with what appears to be a rock, for no discernible reason at all.

As outlandish as the random act of violence sounds, it happened in Toyoake, Aichi. The 46-year-old motorist caught the incident on a dashcam installed in her car, and her son (@k12kazuki) posted the video on Twitter in hopes of finding the man who did it.

The tweet above reads:

“At about 1 o’clock on 16 October my mother was driving near Meitetsu Zengo Station and was suddenly attacked by some monster. The entire thing was caught on her drive recorder. We reported it to the police and they are investigating now but the guy has not been caught. If you have any information, please help.”

The video is a fish-eye view from the rear-view mirror making it a little hard to see, but the surreal horror of the situation is easily conveyed. The woman seems either surprisingly calm or extremely in shock as pieces of glass fly into the car, and managed to slowly reverse away from the man who seems to flee the scene after about five hits.

The following day, the parents of Takashige Kizaki received a shock when they saw the face of their son staring back at them through a cracked windshield on the evening news. Soon after, they took the 28-year-old to a nearby police box so he could turn himself in.

Kizaki admitted to smashing the windshield because he was “frustrated.” He is also believed to have kicked in another woman’s license plate moments before his windshield attack. It’s unclear what motivated this mini-rampage, but luckily no one was injured.

Needless to say, this made a big impact on the Internet.

“That’s like one of those movies with fast zombies.”
“I wonder if his parents are relieved that he might go to jail and get out of the house.”
“I get chills every time I watch that video.”
“Random, violent, and scary…thankfully they caught him fast.”
“I thought he was on drugs.”
“I would believe it if he said he was frustrated because he lost at Smash Bros.”
“He’s the kind of guy that just goes around smashing things in open world games.”
Street Fighter II bonus stage?”
“Twenty-eight years old, no job, and he lives with his parents. This is the kind of entitled behavior of a spoiled child.”

Whether he is an immature adult, unable to cope with relatively minor inconveniences, or a more deeply troubled individual, will be up to the experts to decide, but perhaps Twitter user YSD48 (@y_s_d_48) summed it up best.

The above tweet reads:

“About Takashige Kizaki who beat the crap out of a windshield:
– His face was clearly recorded on a dashcam in the middle of smashing the hell out of a windshield and broadcast nationwide.
– He turned himself in with his parents.
– “I did it because I was in a bad mood.”
– His face will probably become the Internet’s plaything.
Everything about this guy is incredibly bumbling.”

Indeed, templates of the suspect’s face are already making the rounds.

And memes, while still in their infancy, have begun.

This is certainly the type of act that will stick with this young man for quite a while. Time will tell if Kizaki will reform himself into a successful gangsta rapper like Keyboard Crusher or go into hiding like crying councilman Nonomura, but hopefully everyone, especially the traumatized drivers he attacked, will come out of this sinkhole of bizarre violence safely.

Source: Twitter/k12kazuki, Hachima Kiko, TV Asahi News
Top image: Pakutaso
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