It’s not what it looks like, and for more reasons than one.

Japanese Twitter user @kadotaitsuki recently shared a video with his followers, accompanied by the simple message “I said hi to this high school girl.” In and of itself, that might not be so bad, but it’s a little unsettling when you take into consideration that @kadotaitsuki is a full-grown man, and in the video he’s attempting to engage an apparently disinterested sailor-suited individual with shoulder-length hair who’s walking down the street.

Then you watch the video, and see @kadotaitsuki pursuing his intended conversation partner’s backpack, while calling out, “Hey, you there, miss,” then following up with “Hey, come on,” when he gets ignored. You might think that things are about to get creepy, and they indeed are, though not in the way that most people would expect.

Seeing that much stubble on a “schoolgirl” would have been a shock anyway, but the fact that the man’s face emerges from what until moments ago looked exactly like the back of a teenager’s head is what really produces the gasps and laughs the video has been getting, with online comments including:

“What a horrific twist.”
“This would be soooo freaky if it happened to you at night.”
“Whoa, I think my heart stopped for a moment there!”
“You know, I figured it was gonna be a dude…but I also thought he’d have to turn around.”

Yet another commenter pointed out a similarity between the star of the video and the character Nukesaku, from anime/manga JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

▼ Nukesaku

Those with more classical tastes might also notice a similarity with futakuchi onna, a monster appearing in Japanese folktales that looks like an ordinary woman, but has a second mouth set in the back of her head.

In the end, the video is still pretty startling, but at least it’s a case of @kadotaitsuki trolling for laughs, not cruising for high school chicks.

Source: Jin
Featured image: Twitter/@kadotaitsuki
Insert image: Wikipedia/555