Four new sweets arrive in stores next week.

Traditionally, there have been two ways to eat Oreos. You can either bite right into them, or you can split open the sandwich cookies, lick their cream filling, and then eat the chocolate biscuits on their own.

But new Oreo options open up this August, as the beloved cookies are getting their own dessert line in Japan, with four tempting treats that make use of the marque ingredient.

Starting things off is the Oreo cream puff, priced at 120 yen (US$1.10) which is filled with Oreo bits and a special whipped cream custard.

Because Japan never met a crepe it didn’t like, there’s also an Oreo crepe with crushed Oreos and vanilla cream (130 yen).

Arguably the most decadent of the bunch is the eclair (120 yen), which takes the crepe’s cookie and cream filling and adds in a generous portion of white chocolate.

And finally, the roll cake, as Japan calls Swiss rolls, wraps vanilla cream with Oreo pieces in black cocoa sponge, and is available in two-slice (130 yen) or six-slice (360 yen) packages, depending on how hungry or willing you are to share.

The entire lineup goes on sale August 1 at supermarkets and drug stores in Japan, though the northern island of Hokkaido is being left out of the fun, for some reason. The Oreo sweets will be available for a limited time, so get them while you can before you have to go back to making your own.

Source, images: PR Times
Images: PR Times (edited by SoraNews24)
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