Pokémon in the sky in Yokohama!

Yokohama, located about 25 minutes south of Tokyo, is already Japan’s second-biggest city. As of today, though, it’s gotten a little extra population bump, since August 9 is the start of the annual Pikachu Outbreak event, in which hundreds of Pikachus roam the Minato Mirai harbor district to hug fans, dance, and just be generally adorable.

This year’s Pikachu Outbreak, the fourth to be held, promises to be the biggest one yet, with organizers having promised that the land, sea, and sky will all be part of the venue. They weren’t kidding either, as on Wednesday morning a Pikachu blimp appeared in the grassy field next to the Navios Yokohama hotel!


Once the airship was ready for takeoff, the ground crew bid it a fond farewell as it took to the sky, as seen in this video from Japanese Twitter user @hinopika.

After reaching its cruising altitude, the blimp began circling around the Akarenga Red Brick Warehouse entertainment complex, one of the many sites where Pikachu will be gathering on the ground.

But Pikachu isn’t the only Pokémon species with aerial representation at this year’s event, as Team Rocket’s Meowth hot air balloon has also been spotted in the plaza in front of Sakuragicho Station!

Charismatic as they may be, Team Rocket is a collection of unrepentant swindlers and thieves. However, in an uncharacteristically generous move, visitors can actually go for short rides in the Meowth hot air balloon.

The Pikachu Outbreak continues until August 15, so we’re sure there’s plenty more awesome stuff to come.

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Source: Twitter/@hinopika

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