Charizard arrives late to the Pokémon art party, but still makes a big entrance.

This year’s Pokémon World Championships may have wrapped up, but that doesn’t mean the Pocket Monsters themselves have vacated host city Yokohama. The Pokémon Card Art Walk in Yokohama Minatomirai public art event is still going strong, and there’s even a new addition with a gigantic Charizard card recreation!

This huge version of the Chamander-evolved Fire-type Pokémon is currently on display on the first floor central atrium of the Mark Is Minato Mirai entertainment complex, which connects to Minato Mirai Station on the Minato Mirai subway line in the building’s basement.

▼ Meaning that Charizard has taken over the space that used to be occupied by the life-size Alolan Exeggutor.

The jumbo Charizard was actually created with the help of Pokémon fans, who were invited to help spread the artificial flower petals that make up the orange background sections. Natural black sand and wood chips were used to color the text and other markings.

With this Charizard addition, Yokohama now has two Pokémon cards of this titanic size. Across the street from Mark Is, the Landmark Plaza building still has its extra-large Pikachu card on display.

However, while Charizard was the second of these two giants to arrive, it’ll be the first to depart. The Mark Is Charizard card will only be on display until August 31, while Pikachu will be sticking around until the end of September. Actually, the majority of the Pokémon Card Art Walk installations will be continuing until the end of September, including the painting-style Pokémon Card art galleries spread throughout Mark Is, but at least even after Charizar is gone, we can still rewatch the video of it appearing in the night sky as part of the massive Pokémon drone show that took place earlier this month.

Source: PR Times
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