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Well, wet and adorable, anyway.

In what’s become an annual event, packs of Pikachus appeared in the city of Yokohama, located 30 minutes south of Tokyo. Honestly, the opportunity to mix and mingle with hordes of cute, huggable members of the most famous Pokémon species is already reason enough to make the trip to Yokohama’s Minato Mirai harbor district, but as an added incentive, each year of the Pikachu Outbreak has a different theme.

2015 was all about dancing, and yes, the Pikachus shook their plump bodies to the rhythms of musical accompaniment again this year. But for 2016 the organizers added a crowd-pleasing wrinkle to the event’s outdoor performances by dousing fans with water.

▼ Why are all these Pikachus wearing raincoats?

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▼ Because of this!

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▼ Pikachu even has some snazzy rain boots.

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Ordinarily, Japanese society takes fashion and grooming pretty seriously, but since east Japan was in the middle of a heat wave during the Pikachus’ visit, the crowds that gathered near the stage were more than happy to have cooling showers of water fall down on them. There were even signs designating not only the Splash Zones, but the Super Splash Zones as well.

▼ Careful! Splash Zone!

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While well-prepared fans came dressed in raincoats or other plastic coverings, those watching performances at the main stage, located at the Aka Renga entertainment complex, could also purchase Pikachu T-shirts from an adjacent vendor’s tent, which even had changing rooms where soaked attendees could change into dry tops.

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Of course, Pikachu is adorable even when he’s just walking, like in ths year’s Pikachu Parade along Yokohama’s Sakura Street.

▼ Photographic proof that Pikachu is the King of Cuteness

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While the Aka Renga splash shows were all-new for 2016, last year’s sailor suit Pikachu stomp crew was back again, with some aquatic tap dance tossed into the musical mix.

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And while the event’s indoor performances were completely dry, they still offered a good chance to bear witness to the Pikachus’ stylishly varied fashion sense and surprisingly competent ice skating skills.

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There’s no word yet as to what the theme of next year’s Pikachu Outbreak will be, but we have a hunch that no matter what the lovable Pokémon are in the mood for, they’ll be welcomed again with open arms.

▼ So hurry back!

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