Grab your snack of choice and get those nosebleed tissue plugs because the waifu of snacks is back!

Okay, not entirely back, but pretty close. Dagashi Kashi just announced a season 2 in the works.

Here’s The Gist
The first season of Dagashi Kashi follows Kokonotsu Shikada whose father happens to run candy shop. His father has grand plans for his son to fill his shoes as owner. Unfortunately for him, Kokonotsu aspires to become a manga author. On one fateful day, a cute but strange Hotaru Shidare enters Kokonotsu’s steady life and begins to turn his candy filled world upside down.

Her goals are to become the owner of the candy shop, something that Kokonotsu would love, but something holds him back. Ironically he starts to become more attached to the store, even though he would reluctantly admit to it.

The first season playfully showcases the hectic life he leads with Hotaru and fellow friends Saya and To. Now, the second season aims to follow the first season, but leaves no indication of whether or not it will be during or after the first. My money is on after, cause why not build off a successful ending?

Check out the official trailer below:

Consequently, with a new season comes new change in the form of a new director and coordinator, but nothing over the top from season one. The biggest rumor as of right now is a slightly different art direction. For one, I hope it is with the characters’ eyes – most of them looked liked they were spaced out or high… on life. Hotaru is perfectly fine and we can totally expect to see more of her tact ways of flirting and cementing herself as Waifu for laifu.

Did you catch this first season of Dagashi Kashi? Did you think it was funny? Too much fan-service? Let us know down in the comments below.

Featured image: YouTube/TBS animation

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