Who lives in a pineapple and looks like Dragon Ball Z?

It’s common knowledge that pretty much anything becomes cool when it’s turned into an anime opening. Like, literally anything. Even bananas.

So then what happens when you take something that’s already pretty cool on its own, say Spongebob Squarepants, and anime-ify it? Does it become even better? Does it somehow loop around and become worse?

No need to wonder any longer — it becomes this:

This video was originally created by YouTuber Narmak, but the video has unfortunately since been removed due to copyright strikes, making the tweet one of the few places to view it currently.

▼ The video starts off with angsty Spongebob, staring angstily into the distance.
The Google-Translate-created Japanese says: “Japan’s words and things.”

▼ Squidward, seemingly the loner villain. The Japanese reads:
“What foods do you like? I want to eat penis.” Very classy.

▼ Sandy and Patrick gives us credits: “The biggest thing: My Butt, The smallest
thing: My Cord, The cute boy: Small Dog.”
It’s making less and less sense.

▼ Spongebob running majestically against the sun.
The text says: “This scene was tough. It took me two days.”

▼ Sword-wielding Patrick’s oddly-worded Japanese says:
“This was a fun thing making this into an anime.”

Hopefully this video will be back up on Narmak’s YouTube page soon, since he deserves all the credit he can get for creating such a masterpiece.

▼ I mean, it’s already inspired fanart and it’s only been out for a day!

In the meantime though, Narmak has created a variety of other videos that cross Western animations with Japanese anime, all of them on the same level as the Spongebob parody:

▼ Just take a look at “Attack on Ogre,” crossing Shrek with
Attack on Titan and… oddly enough… Pokémon too.

Although seeing this anime-ification has got us thinking… what would it look like if the anime version had the human versions of Spongebob characters instead? Would it be creepier, or way creepier?

Source: YouTube/Narmak via Twitter/@marynicolexx