Who needs in-flight music when you have a songstress for an air stewardess?

Don’t you hate it when your flight gets delayed and there’s no way of knowing when it’ll take off? It’s so aggravating to be stuck in a cramped plane with nothing to do but twiddle your thumbs and hope for the best, with passengers even resorting to playing orchestral music to lighten up the mood.

One particular AirAsia flight bound for Bangkok was delayed recently, and a Thai air stewardess took matters into her own hands to perform a song for the passengers through the plane’s PA system, using just her voice and her phone for musical accompaniment.

▼ Video of the air stewardess singing Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours”

Her smooth voice and candid smile managed to relieve the passengers’ impatience, who then awarded her with a round of applause for the performance. Suffice to say, she went beyond her duties to provide entertainment for an appreciative audience.

The Facebook video went viral and aside from free publicity for AirAsia, it seemed the air stewardess also gained some fans for her effort. Here are a few translated comments:

“If I got this airline, I’d go up and sing with her.”
“Why did I not board this airline?”
“My heart is melting.”
“Now this is some in-flight entertainment.”
“Wow, she’s really good!”

It’s a good thing she’s a natural or had plenty of singing practice during her spare time, because things could have turned out very differently otherwise. While EVA Air has air stewardesses with looks, we think AirAsia may have the upper hand with a diva providing excellent in-flight music.

Source: Facebook via NextShark
Top image: Pakutaso