After an airline scuppered passengers’ Valentine’s Day plans with a huge delay, one woman found herself in yet another bind when she learned that her complimentary hotel stay would be in an S&M dungeon-themed love hotel.

If you thought your solo Valentine’s Day pizza and Netflix “date” was depressing, you’ve got nothing on this Chinese woman, whose ill-fated Valentine’s Day went from bad to ruinous in a bizarre double-whammy of unfortunate circumstances.

The unnamed woman was due to board the 8:40am February 14 flight from Chongqing to her home town of Hangzhou, but the Hainan Airlines flight was first delayed several hours, then ultimately canceled late that night. The woman, who had apparently been killing time at a movie theater near the airport, returned to the airline’s help desk to claim the airline’s offer of a complimentary hotel stay — common practice when a canceled flight strands passengers overnight — and that’s when things got really weird.


It’s bad enough, of course, when a flight delay ruins your romantic holiday plans, but Hainan Airlines apparently decided to salt the woman’s wound by putting her up in, of all places, a sadomasochism-themed love hotel for the night.

Photos posted to Chinese social media site purportedly depict the conditions in the woman’s hotel room and, sure enough, the dank, grimy-looking room appears to come complete with chains and a specialized torture chair for restraining kinky partners.

As the photos went viral, many initially waved the story off as a hoax. That is, until local media contacted the airline and confirmed the story. According to Hainan, hotels in the area were almost entirely booked up because of the romantic holiday and the few remaining rooms were apparently of the, shall we say, more eccentric variety.


Hopefully the disgruntled passenger didn’t prevent any actual S&M fans from enjoying the night of chains and ball-gags they’d been looking forward to…

Source and images: NariNari