Series star and its two biggest scene-stealers will escort fans to their destination…even when it’s the same airport they departed.

Being set in Japan’s Taisho era means that the cast of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba don’t get to experience commercial air travel within the series. But the modern-day popularity of the phenomenally popular anime/manga is giving the Demon Slayer Corps the opportunity to fly on a real-world All Nippon Airways airplane, literally.

ANA has just unveiled its latest tie-up with Demon Slayer, a Boeing 777-200ER featuring massive portraits of three of the series’ most popular swordsmen. Up front, either side of the aircraft has an illustration of leading man Tanjiro, with Flame Hashira Rengoku behind him on the right side of the plane’s fuselage and Sound Hashira Tengen on the left.

In addition to the exterior graphics, the cast will be seem on special headrest covers, and the series’ aesthetics will be represented on special flight staff aprons.

▼ Note Nezuko peeking out of the cabin attendant’s pocket.

Passengers will hear special on-board announcements from Tanjiro, Rengoku, and Tengen, and the in-flight video entertainment options will include Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba–The Movie: Mugen Train and the Entertainment District Arc episodes of the anime TV series. ANA will also be offering exclusive merchandise through its in-flight shopping service, such as luggage tags and drink bottles.

The Demon Slayer Jet 3, as it’s officially called, will have its first flight on October 2, with Tokyo’s Haneda Airport serving as both the departure and arrival point for a 90-minute “sightseeing flight.” Then, starting October 3, it’ll follow the below schedule of six flights a day.
● Haneda to Fukuoka (7:25 a.m.)
● Fukuoka to Haneda (10:10 a.m.)
● Haneda to Itami (1 p.m.)
● Itami to Haneda (3 p.m.)
● Haneda to New Chitose (5 p.m.)
● New Chitose to Haneda (7:30 p.m.)

That schedule continues through October 16, after which the Demon Slayer plane will being flying other currently undisclosed domestic routes.

Source: ANA (1, 2) via IT Media
Top image: ANA
Insert images: ANA (1, 2)
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