Japanese cat cafe livestream on Twitch lets you hang out with cute cats anytime you want

This 24-7 stream is purr-fect for feline better.

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Hilarious Japanese train-racing racing game at AGDQ has speedrunning fans in stitches【Video】

The speedrunners train-ed hard, let’s hope they don’t run out of steam and go off the rails.

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World’s first giant robot fight is in the books! Japan draws first blood, US reigning champ

A battle two years in the making finally comes to an end, but is only the beginning of giant robot fights.

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World’s first giant robot fight pitting America against Japan is finally here

Humanity waits on bated breath as the all-out brawl of metal fists between two hulking colossi approaches.

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Video Games Live music concert to be streamed via Twitch from San Diego Comic Con

Just because playing video games is the preferred hobby of many nerds and otaku-types (like us!) doesn’t mean they lack class. Game music in particular has improved in leaps and bounds over the years, almost as much as the graphics themselves. These days, many big-budget games contain fully orchestrated scores by famous movie composers, and even those that don’t can be arranged to fit a symphony.

This weekend at San Diego Comic Con, a performance of symphonic video game music called Video Games Live will be taking place. And, for the first time ever, this highly anticipated show will be broadcast around the world, thanks to the live streaming web services at Twitch.

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