Porn, drool, and body odor all identified as major problems.

Japan’s public transportation system is one of the finest in the world. It’s so clean, safe, and reliable that many people in the country don’t see any real upside to private vehicle ownership.

But as nice as it may be, public transportation in Japan is still, well, public. That means whenever you’re using it to go from one place to another, it’s a role of the dice as to what sort of person is going to be sitting next to you, and a new etiquette video from Kyushi-based Hankyu Ferry shows 10 people it’s extremely unpleasant to share a bench seat with.

As the video opens, we see a young lady cheerfully take a seat. But it’s not long until a man comes up and plops himself down next to her. For a brief moment, everything is OK, but soon the man dozes off, leans his head the women’s shoulder, and sleepily drools all over her dress.

He’s just the first of 10 “Kyofu no Tonaribito,” or “People It’s Terrifying to Sit Next To,” that the video highlights. The complete list is

1. People who fall asleep, lean on you, and drool
2. Sweaty, smelly people
3. Yankees (thugs)
4. Old men who need attention and keep pestering you to have a conversation

5. People who take their shoes off and have smelly feet
6. People who constantly mumble creepily to themselves
7. People who think it’s OK to talk as loudly on the phone with their friends as they would at a club or bar

8. Guys who watch porn on their smartphone right next to you

9. Jerks who push your elbow off the armrest so they can claim it for themselves
10. Parents who’d rather play with their smartphones than take care of their fussy kids

But while the inconsiderate passengers are labeled as “terrifying” to sit next to, “infuriating” seems to be the better description or the effect the have on the women. Eventually her anger boils over, and she unleashes ferocious retribution on them for their transgressions.

Okay, so that last part turns out to be just a violent daydream. Still, it shows that even if your fellow passengers aren’t vocally complaining, they can still be felling extremely upset about rue behavior, so keeping your manners in mind is always a good idea when sharing public transportation.

Source: PR Times
Images: YouTube/フェリーダム阪九フェリー
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