Always a good choice for a beer, Hub is about to become an even better one.

Since opening its first branch in 1980, Japan’s Hub chain of bars has been a stalwart ally to fans of adult beverages. With convenient locations, low prices, a friendly atmosphere, and English menus, the Hub’s English-style pubs have built up a diverse clientele of both Japanese and expat college students and young professionals.

That broad appeal has been good to Hub, and the company has announced that as of December 4 it’ll be listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. To celebrate the achievement, on that day all Hub locations will be offering draft beer, all day long, for just 180 yen (US$1.60).

Why 180 yen? Because that was the price of beer at Hub’s first branch in Kobe’s Sannomiya neighborhood when it opened 37 years ago, which means if you factor in inflation, on December 4 Hub’s beer will be even cheaper than it was when the chain was founded.

Oh, and unlike many bars in Japan, Hub has no cover charge, and its tax-included prices, plus the lack of tipping in Japanese society, means that 180 yen is the total, final price of that beer. Granted, the 180-yen promotion is for a half-pint, but there’s no limit to how many glasses you can drink at that price, and 360 yen, total, for a full pint is still a great deal. And besides, regardless of glass size, 180-yen beer is a great excuse to go drinking on a Monday.

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