He wasn’t just some crazed fan either.

Obsessing over the female employees at Japan’s numerous maid cafes is nothing new, but one man was recently arrested for taking that obsession far past any acceptable level. 

Naohiro Kobayashi, a 43-year-old resident of the Taito District in Tokyo, was taken into police custody after allegations surfaced of him forcibly tattooing his initial “N” into the butt of a 19-year-old maid cafe employee in five different places.

▼ Naohiro Kobayashi

According to police, Kobayashi worked as an investor and was part of the management of the maid cafe the victim worked at. This ostensibly makes him her boss, adding another layer of horror to her abuse.

The crime occurred two months ago in November, when Kobayashi brought the woman back to his apartment and made her drink juice that was laced with 90-percent alcohol. After she fell unconscious, he tattooed his initial “N” into the skin of her butt five times using a safety pin and black magic-ink. 

Kobayashi has confessed to the crime, saying: “I wanted to show that she was my woman. To confirm our love.”

A neighbor of Kobayashi’s claimed that he often brought women back to his home, always in their teens or early twenties. Police are currently investigating to see if any other similar tattooing cases have occurred.

Here’s how Japanese netizens reacted to this news:

“What an awful, terrible person.”
“Disgusting. That girl was young enough to be his daughter.”
“Wow. To knock her unconscious with just alcohol, he could’ve killed her with alcohol poisoning.”
“Yeah, that’s not ‘tattooing,’ that’s just assault.”

This incident highlights the risks that women in the entertainment industry face in Japan. We hope that the victim will be able to recover and move on with her life, and that any others affected by this man’s crimes will find justice as well.

Source: Nippon News Network, Yahoo! News Japan via My Game News Flash
Top image: GAHAG