Be very careful when it’s just you and the photographer in a solo photo shoot.

Cosplay photography at large events like Comiket can be really difficult, given the general lack of space and throngs of people, which is made worse by the chaos caused by famous cosplayers. Everyone wants to get a nice shot, but there’s simply too much going on to snap a good picture.

So some cosplayers get bombarded with requests for solo photo shoots — just the cosplayer and the photographer — at a different venue, away from all the annoying human obstacles. It’s a great opportunity for both sides, but therein lies a danger.

▼ It’s only the two of you.

Twitter user @EinTrumpf is a Japanese professional photographer who has some good advice for female cosplayers who decide to go along with solo photo shoots:

“If you attend a drinking session after the shoot, do not leave your drink unattended; I’ve heard stories of people getting drugged on the first day they meet with someone. Once photos of you are unwillingly taken, blackmailing only becomes easier and it’ll be a living hell.”

Drinking sessions are sometimes used to foster better communication and relations, but not every photographer has pure intentions, as unscrupulous ones may try to slip something into a female cosplayer’s drink.

▼ In general, avoid anyone trying to snap upskirt pictures,
unless you’re into that kind of thing.

“If you feel unwell, do not go to the toilet, but instead head to a hospital’s emergency room and get yourself examined while you’re still under the drug’s influence. Blood and urine analyses can then be used as evidence and charges laid. Take precautions like these to avoid a lifetime of misery.”

“Pay close attention to the photographer’s hands, and if it looks like he’s holding onto something, chances are it’s a syringe. These kinds of humans prefer their subjects not to resist, thus resorting to sedatives. Male cosplayers should proceed to beat the crap out of them if they discover it.”

Japanese netizens were horrified at the scenario in @EinTrumpf’s tweets (which have since been deleted):

“Having to watch your drink everywhere you go is also a living hell.”
“This doesn’t apply to only cosplayers. I knew a person who actually spiked someone’s drink, and he fooled everyone with his good looks and kind personality.”
“Wow this happens in real life too? Big cities are really scary.”
“Why do people put themselves into such situations?”
“I think this guy’s read too many comics.”

While @EinTrumpf’s advice seem to be borderline paranoid, one can never be too careful when taking part in one-on-one photo shoots, particularly when it involves drinking. Still worried? Rest assured you can eliminate the need of a photographer and take photos yourself at a huge cosplay complex instead.

Source: My Game News Flash
Top image: Pakutaso
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