Discounts are available for the brave who dare lie in a coffin for three minutes.

There’s a ton of delightful cafes out there for the inquisitive, outfitted with stuff like virtual idol girlfriends or even bloodsucking vampires. But one recently-opened cafe in Thailand takes the cake with a macabre theme that has customers wanting more.

Kid-Mai Death Cafe is located on the busy streets of Bangkok, boldly featuring death in almost every aspect of its stylish establishment.

▼ Death works harder than everyone else it seems.

Parts of a replica funeral ceremony is on display, including a coffin, wreaths and skeletons. According to staff, the idea is to have patrons appreciate and contemplate their everyday lives, as they may not have the luxury of waking up the next day.

▼ Which is rather sage advice for the living.

▼ Thought-provoking messages can be found all over the store.

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Customers can experience a fleeting death by lying down in the decorated coffin with its lid closed for three minutes, and get a 20 baht (US$0.64) discount off their total bill for their efforts.

▼ Because death also saves you money, I guess?

But what’s a cafe without coffee and drinks? Fortunately, the store has plenty of those available, and all come with exciting names like “Born”, “Elder”, “Painful” and “Death”.

▼ Kid-Mai Death Cafe, a stylish cafe where
painful death tastes better than it sounds.

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Aside from the aforementioned drinks, there’s a series of beverages with gloomy names like “One year left”, “One week left” and perhaps the crowd favorite, “Last day”.

Despite all the grim reminders of death in messages found all over the store, Kid-Mai Death Cafe remains popular with customers looking for an experience of a lifetime. All the establishment needs is to take a page from Japan’s gruesome Tokyo Ghoul anime cafe and offer some grisly snacks with equally deathly names to truly complete the theme.

Restaurant information
Kid-Mai Death Cafe
Address: 1191 Phaholyothin rd. Phayathai Bangkok, Thailand 10400
Open 9 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Closed Sundays and holidays

Source: Facebook/Kid-Mai Death Cafe via The Nation, NextShark
Top image: Instagram/puypuy_si