One parent and Twitter user experiences the joy of catching Pikachu in Pokémon GO, but it’s all too short-lived.

Mothers have a hard job, not that I speak from direct experience. They certainly deserve every opportunity for a well-deserved break every now and then, whether in a good book, fine food, or maybe by catching a cute, yellow, digital pocket monster. One Japanese mother wasn’t even that lucky, since just when she managed to capture the most famous and yet one of the harder to catch Pokémon, it was ruined by their child who is either incredibly conscientious or diabolical.

‘I play Pokémon GO, and I said, “I’ve caught a Pikachu!’ to which my child says, “Mummy, that Pikachu has a mummy and daddy too.”
My child goes further, “Right now, Pikachu’s mummy and daddy are probably out there looking for him.”
“Oh… ah.”
“Quick, let’s evolve it to a Raichu to hide it from its parents.”
Somehow it’s simultaneously the sweetest and cruellest thing ever.’

While Pikachu might be absolutely everywhere in Japan, including on the sides of trains and planes, when it comes to the augmented reality games Pokémon GO the bright yellow, electric mouse/squirrel is rather harder to track down. So when Twitter user @michaelsenbay finally hunted it down, all they needed was for the fruit of their loins to act like the ghost at the feast and ruin it for them.

Other Twitter users offered their condolences and advice.

‘If you set some bait you can get mummy and daddy to catch them so they can all be happy together.’
‘Maybe the parents will try to take it back by force.’
‘That made me cry.’
‘The parents are out there too? Gotta catch ’em all.’

It might be a bit harsh, but with Yokohama filling up with thousands of Pikachu every year for the Pikachu Outbreak 2018, perhaps Daddy Pikachu and Mummy Pikachu would a) probably take some time to notice they’re suddenly one progeny fewer, and b) should get off of each other for two seconds. But surely they would be happy to know that their monster offspring has made so many new friends and is getting plenty of exercise in between their high-powered business meetings.

Source: Twitter/@michaelsenbay via Hachimakiko
Featured image: Pokémon GO Official Website