Pokémon Cafe wants you to stuff Pikachu’s tail before you stuff your belly.

Foodies in Japan are always searching the next great-tasting, cool-looking dining option, and so restaurants regularly tinker with their offerings, adding new and tempting treats. That includes the Pokémon Cafe, which is putting a new sandwich on its menu.

Of course, this isn’t just any sandwich, it’s a Pikachu tail sandwich!

The restaurant calls it the Soft and Fluffy Pikachu Tail Bread Craft Sandwich Plate (1,738 yen [US$14]), and yes, there is some crafting involved. The meal actually is served on two plates, one with two slices of bread shaped like Pikachu’s instantly recognizable zigzagging lightning bolt-shaped tail, and the other with all sorts of fillings to stuff inside as you like. That’s also why the Pikachu sandwich comes with paper to wrap around it before you start eating and which will catch anything that spills out (sort of like how Japan eats hamburgers).

For those who prefer their Pikachu sandwiches to be fully formed by the time they arrive at the table (and who don’t want to make their own), there’s also the Pikachu Hamburger Kids Plate (1,078 yen), which comes with a side of Pikachu-shaped pasta.

This is a kids’ menu item, but if you’re unable to steal a bite from your offspring, maybe you can talk them into letting you have one of the coloring coasters, since the Pikachu Hamburger Kids Plate comes with a set of three to take home.

On the dessert menu, the newest arrival is the Snorlax Blocking the Way Pancakes with Chocolate Sauce (1,958 yen), a recreation of the scenes from the anime and game series in which the sleepy jumbo-sized Pocket Monster decides to take a nap in the middle of the road, blocking the heroes’ progress until they find a way to wake him up or get around the slumbering obstacle.

▼ The pancakes, covered by a layer of cream, are stacked on the tummy of the Snorlax plate they’re served on.

Speaking of the tableware, that Snorlax plate has been offered for sale at the Pokémon Cafe and Pokémon Center megastores before, and the Pikachu trio plate seen above for the Pikachu tail sandwich and kids’ burger is also going to be available for purchase, in a set with a fork, spoon, and cup, for 3,850 yen.

The new items join the menu on April 23 at the Pokémon Cafes in Tokyo’s Nihonbashi and Osaka’s Shinsaibashi neighborhoods.

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Source, images: Pokémon Cafe
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