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Forget chocolate and peanut butter, because chocolate and Pokémon are the true ultimate combination.

I’ve always had mixed feelings about chocolates and candies that come with little toys inside of them. Take Japan’s popular Choco Egg series, for example. Sure, it’s cool to have your snack come bundled with something to play with, but any space taken up by the toy inside the hollowed-out egg is space that could have been used for more chocolate instead.

That said, if you’re not only a chocoholic, but also a Pokémon fan, Choco Egg’s current tradeoff is pretty attractive, since the treats contain cute and cool mini Pocket Monster figures!

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In celebration of the currently airing Pokémon XY & Z TV anime, Japanese convenience stores and supermarket are now selling the Choco Egg Pocket Monster XY & Z Plus series, in which each palm-sized chocolate contains one of 14 different Pokémon.

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The complete lineup consists of:
● Clefairy
● Diglett
● Greninja
● Latias
● Mew
● Mega Lucario
● Pikachu
● Raichu
● Sylveon
● Umbreon
● Wobbuffet
● Zygarde (Core)
● Zygarde (10% Form)
● Zygarde (Complete Form)

Unlike the eggs players acquire in Pokémon Go, there’s no need to walk a pre-set distance or break out a handheld massager to hatch your egg. Instead, all you have to do is crack open the chocolate shell, revealing the figure’s container. Nestled inside is your new Pokémon pal.

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While we were pretty pleased with nabbing a Sylveon, the coupled compulsive behaviors of eating sweets and catching Pokémon meant that we’d stocked up on plenty of Choco Eggs, and so we swiftly cracked open another and claimed a Diglett.

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More powerful Pokémon are more difficult to find in the franchise’s video games, and similar scarcities exist for their Choco Egg versions. Only one in 50 candies is said to have this Complete Form Zygarde waiting inside.

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So far, we’ve managed to cross nine of the 14 Choco Egg Pokémon off our list. Since we’re not the type of people who like to leave a project half-done, though, it looks like it’s double desserts for everyone in the office today.

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