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Japanese Twitter users react to this bittersweet Pokémon GO discovery.

Ever since Pokémon GO was released last week, players have been finding Pokémon (especially one certain annoying fish Pokémon) in places they never expected. One Japanese Twitter user, though, has shared a touching Pokémon Go discovery that’s getting the whole Internet choked up.

“There was a Pikachu at the grave of my little brother who loved Pikachu.”
(In Pokémon GO, Pikachu is rare and hard to find.)”


The text of the Japanese tweet from @echospherics is marked as a quotation, so it’s not clear wheter or not the sibling being referred to is his own. In any case, I can’t even imagine what the discoverer must have been feeling when he saw that Pikachu in the game. It’s as if his little brother just popped in to say hello.

Here’s what Japanese netizens had to say:

“This is amazing. I’m crying… at work….”

“That’s a miracle.”

“You were always by my side.” *cries*

“So sweet it makes up for playing games in front of your brother’s grave.”

“I wonder if this was set up by the game people when they saw the Pikachu grave?”

If this was a purposeful design choice by the developers, then major props to the scouts for Pokémon GO who set this up. The game has been bringing people together all over the world already, and now it’s going one step beyond.

Source: Twitter/@echospherics via My Game News Flash
Top image: Pokémon official website