Traditional Japanese hospitality, with a dash of mystical matcha, appears at the Pokémon Cafe.

It’s a good time to be a matcha-loving Pokémon fan in Japan right now, because in addition to a massive new collection of green tea goods dedicated to Poltchageist and Sinistcha, we’re now being treated to a limited-time menu starring the two tea-themed pocket monsters at the Pokémon Cafe.

Like the goods collection, the menu is called “Kissa Chadeath” (“Poltchageist Teahouse“), and is based around the theme of an old-school retro teahouse, known in Japan as kissaten, or “kissa”.

▼ “喫茶チャデス” (“Kissa Chadeath“) kind of sounds like the “Kiss of Chadeath“, but if that’s a way to go, it’s a wonderful way to die.

While Poltchageist, Sinistcha and Pikachu are the stars of the show, several other Pokémon are joining them to provide customers with some traditional, yet magical, Japanese-style omotenashi (“hospitality”).

▼ The first item on the limited-edition menu is the Poltchageist and Sinistcha’s Omotenashi Matcha Latte (1,265 yen)

This gorgeous set allows you to make your very own fresh matcha latte, with frothy hot milk in the Sinistcha Tea Bowl and matcha in the Poltchageist tea caddy. The sugar syrup on the side can be added to sweeten the beverage to your liking, and the Pikachu cookie provides even more sweetness and a crunchy textural contrast.

▼ Tea Ceremony Sweets Set (2,750 yen)

This collection of desserts features Pikachu, as a sweet cheese-flavoured steamed cake, alongside several Grass-type Pokémon. Rowlett is hiding out in a scoop of chestnut ice cream, Hisuian Lilligant dances on a Pudding a la Mode, and Matcha Cream Alcremie appears in a Matcha Cream and Yoghurt-flavoured Mini Parfait.

Those wanting a truly extravagant tea ceremony can opt for the Poltchageist Teahouse’s Omotenashi! Drink and Sweets Set, for 4,015 yen.

Customers who order the Drink and Sweets Set will receive a couple of extra perks, with one being a free acrylic stand inspired by the Poltchageist Teahouse’s signboard.

The other perk is a free green tea service, which includes a free cup of green tea, served from a Poké Ball Teapot prior to your meal, and a free acrylic stand, featuring one of the Poltchageist Teahouse characters. 

There are six types of paper cups and acrylic stands to collect, although customers aren’t able to choose which ones they get, and they’re only available in limited numbers so stocks may run out.

Fans who fall in love with the Pokémon-themed tableware will be pleased to know that not only are they available to purchase at Pokémon Centers around Japan, but also at the Pokémon Cafe from 3 May.

The Poltchageist Tea Caddy (4,180 yen) and Sinistcha Tea Bowl (5,280 yen) are two of the hot-ticket items for sale.

The Poltchageist Teahouse theme extends to the “Choose Your Pokémon Latte” selections, where you can choose from seven different designs, as a latte, cafe mocha, or caramel mocha, for 935 yen.

The new menu made its debut on 27 April, and will be available for a limited time at the Pokémon Cafes in Tokyo’s Nihonbashi and Osaka’s Shinsaibashi. As always, the cafes can only be entered by prior reservation on the website,  so be sure to reserve your seat before you go, and enjoy the magic of this very special tea ceremony!

Source, images: Pokémon Café official website
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